Your All-in-One TaxDome Pipeline Templates

Get  instant access to the workflows you need to be consistent with every client.

Your All-in-One TaxDome Pipeline Templates

Get  instant access to the workflows you need to be consistent with every client.

The W4TP  signature Pipeline Templates

Revolutionize your tax practice with our TaxDome templates, the Workflows for Tax Pros Signature Pipeline

Unlock the potential of your small tax practice with our signature templates, designed for the small tax practice.

Our TaxDome templates were crafted from insights gained through extensive consultations with over 700 practices. They are engineered to revolutionize your workflow.

With one click, these templates empower you and your team to work faster (and smarter) while impressing clients with a personalized experience.

Designed by TaxDome Experts

Incorporating Industry Best Practices

Providing a Streamlined Workflow from Start to Finish

Get Started instantly

When you’re in the hustle of a “too busy” season, setting up questionnaires, workflows, and automations in TaxDome can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our W4TP Signature Pipeline TaxDome Templates are like a ready-to-drive car off the lot—no need to understand its inner workings. Just turn the key and go!

What You Can Expect With Our Templates:

Comprehensive TaxDome Integration

Maximize TaxDome’s features for seamless workflow automation.

Efficient Client Communication

Reduce repetitive queries into your practice with our proactive breadcrumb communications.

Improve Practice Financials

Streamline invoicing and payments using TaxDome’s automated systems.

Customizable Client Management

Tailor these templates for various client types, including individual, business, and paper filers.

24/7 Automated Support

Keep your practice running smoothly with automated client onboarding and status updates.

Operational Support Included

Each template includes an Online Course with step-by-step instructions on utilizing and customizing the template to meet your practice needs.

How to get the W4TP Signature TaxDome Templates

  1. Sign up for TaxDome. (Click here to get two months free).
  2. Once you have your TaxDome account, in TaxDome, go to Templates select Marketplace, then select Pipelines. Sort the Pipeline’s section by Name A – Z
  3. Select the W4TP Signature Pipeline Template of your choice, add it to your cart, and checkout.

That’s it! The template will be automatically added to your TaxDome account.

Be sure to see the included Template Task with 🛑 for details on how to register for our complimentary training course included with each template.

The W4TP Templates

Simplify your business with our ready-to-use templates.

W4TP Signature Pipeline - Tax Preparation

This is the Template that changes the Tax Season game… All your clients – including individuals, businesses, and paper filers – are in one place, allowing you to create more profit and time freedom this tax season.

Revolutionize your tax practice with our Workflows for Tax Pros Signature Pipeline Template, designed exclusively for small practices. Drawing from our extensive experience with over 700 practices, this template streamlines your workflow, boosts efficiency, and improves client satisfaction.

This template includes everything you need including organizers, engagement letters, emails, chats, invoices, team tasks, and all our proven best practices.


Coming Soon

W4TP Signature Pipeline - New Lead Management

Whether you are working hard on scaling your small practice or just managing referrals from your long-time clients, managing leads gets to be simple. Our New Lead Management pipeline template ensures you only get on the phone with ideal-fit clients and that they are treated like VIPs when they come in. You and your team will quickly deliver the appropriate onboarding documents and gather the details you need to ensure you can quickly start their chosen services.

This template includes everything you need including organizers, proposals, emails, chats, invoices, team tasks, and all our proven best practices.


Coming Soon

W4TP Signature Pipeline - Recurring Bookkeeping

Managing your bookkeeping clients without a system is messy with a capital M. If your small practice is using TaxDome our Bookkeeping pipeline will allow you to stay on track and know when a client or a team member is falling behind. We leverage the powerful features of TaxDome that allow us to kick off a new job each month or quarter based on that specific client engagement so your team always knows who is in their queue. Plus centralizing all your client information in TaxDome allows you to create efficient workflows for your team of doers.

This template includes everything you need including centralized client info, chats, team tasks, and all our proven best practices.


You’re a business owner on a mission to serve your clients well.

You’ve always valued face-to-face communication and love providing that special touch that makes you stand out from the crowd.

So how can TaxDome automation fit into your customer service focused business?

Think of it this way: the less time you waste doing “busywork,” completing admin tasks, and answering the same questions in emails again and again…

….the more time you have to give your clients the excellent service they deserve.

Get an expert-designed workflow that’s already done.

Get the W4TP Signature Pipeline Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Templates

Does your W4TP Program include these templates?

Yes! The benefit to purchasing our W4TP Program is our method of teaching you about how TaxDome works while setting up your pipelines in just a couple of hours.

In the Program, we leverage the TaxDome Marketplace templates to get you all the emails, chats, organizers, and makings of a powerful automated workflow in a snap, then show you how TaxDome works while you quickly set up your pipelines.

There is a major cost savings in the Program as it includes our New Lead Management, Tax Prep, and Bookkeeping pipelines to move you quickly into automated operations. Plus, you get 12 months of consistent, expert support.

Check out the W4TP Program details here.

Why should I choose your templates over others?

Not only are we the tax industry’s premier experts in TaxDome workflow automation–we have also spent hundreds of hours talking with tax professionals as we coach them through using TaxDome. This gives us the unique advantage of getting constant feedback from tax pros on what’s working and what needs improving. Improving our automations is an ongoing process as we strive for a better and better product.

TaxDome allows creators to publish any type of template to the TaxDome Marketplace (e.g. templates for organizers, folders, chats, emails, proposal and engagement letters templates, jobs, tasks, signatures, and invoices). Even so, we didn’t want to create and sell our system piecemeal, since the magic is in how all the pieces work together.

By publishing this as a complete TaxDome pipeline template, we were able to bundle everything together in one integrated, efficient system. You get the entire W4TP system—all of our templates for emails, chats, organizers, tasks with SOPs, and our proven customer client experience automation—all at once. We’ve put everything inside of this template.

Can I buy the templates directly from your website?

No, our TaxDome template is only available through the TaxDome Marketplace. (The TaxDome Marketplace is like an app store for TaxDome templates.) Downloading the template from our website may be an option in the future, but right now it’s only available from within TaxDome to logged-in TaxDome users. The TaxDome Marketplace can be found in the left-hand menu when you’re in your TaxDome account.

Is there training included with your TaxDome templates?

Each template includes a short e-course that guides you through best practices for optimizing the template in your practice. The course consists of 3 hours of instructional videos, providing a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the tool.

Why are the business and individual returns in one pipeline?

We’ve designed this template to organize all of your clients (1040s, 1120, 1120s, 1065) within one unified pipeline. You might think each different entity type needs its own pipeline because the IRS deadlines differ for each client type. But we’ve leveraged TaxDome’s automation magic to treat all clients in a way that’s unique to their needs, but all within the same pipeline and all within the same template in your TaxDome account.

Using one pipeline for all of your clients is smart—it’s the most efficient way to set up workflow automations within TaxDome. It also means you’ll have a trusted, single source of information for all your client’s tax returns that’s always up to date. This makes it easy to monitor client completion of tasks, enables automated status updates, and leverages workload management for you and your team more efficiently.

Do I need to purchase the W4TP Program to use your templates?

No. Purchasing our templates gives you a ready-made pipeline that you can start using in TaxDome right away–no need to be a W4TP program member! But being a member offers exclusive benefits you won’t have access to if you’re only working from these pipeline templates. Think of these templates as a tool you can use to start automating your business. The W4TP Program focuses on the best TaxDome and tax practice operations management strategies to increase your profit and drive your business toward success—it’s the place for you to ask all your “what if” and “how do I…” questions and get expert, personalized advice

Ready to  transform your tax practice?

Unlock the power of streamlined efficiency with our W4TP Signature Pipeline Templates. Simplify your workflow, impress your clients, and reclaim your time for what matters most – providing exceptional service while enjoying the life you’ve created.