12-month Signature Program

Unlock more profit In Your Small Practice

Without Working Long Hours, Hiring and Managing Expensive Staff, or Losing Your Work-Life Balance.

12-month Signature Program and membership

Unlock more profit In Your Small Practice

Without Working Long Hours, Hiring and Managing Expensive Staff, or Losing Your Work-Life Balance.


Automation with TaxDome is the  only way to increase your profit and time freedom in 2024.

Here are just some of the game-changing features TaxDome can bring to your practice:

Automated Pipelines

Streamline workflows by automating emails, organizers, and team tasks. Reduce the need for manual re-work, minimize errors, and free up more time for the work that generates the most revenue for your business.

Streamlined Email Communication

Send clients real-time updates on their jobs, notifications when forms are ready for signing, and project status. Enhance client satisfaction and trust by offering an easy tax-filing experience.

Easily Track Client Work Progress with Automated Pipelines

TaxDome Pipelines allow you to track client progress through different stages, easily organizing and prioritizing your workload. This also allows for easy communication with clients of a particular status with just a few clicks.

Without manual admin tasks weighing you down, you can focus on delivering the high-quality service your clients love.

Standardized Client Experience

Automate client communications, including personalized welcome emails, interactive to-do lists, and links to the portal, sending progress updates as clients move through different stages of tax preparation.

Templated Engagement Letters

Automatically post client engagement letters to the portal, streamlining your onboarding process regardless of the type of client.

Integrated Billing Processes

Use the powerful TaxDome Locking Invoices to ensure payment is received prior to filing returns and say goodbye to your A/R balance.

Streamline Client Documentation Gathering

Easily request client details and documentation with automated, logic-based organizers. These powerful forms allow for asynchronous interviews with your clients, ensuring you have all the details before you proceed with your work. Gathering documents is secure and simple with TaxDome portal. The easy-to-use TaxDome Mobile App allows for PDF scanning of documents; say goodbye to those .img files!

Workflows for Tax Pros is the#1 tax automation course that shows you

how to leverage TaxDome automation for
 optimal financial success.

Learn how to transform your small practice into a fully automated and streamlined business that can generate 6-figure (or even 7-figure!) income you want.

With our proven 4-Step process as your guide, you will learn how to set up your first automated TaxDome pipeline in just 30 days or less.

You’ll also learn how to fully optimize your operations for long-term success and peace of mind.

Increase your profits by up to 30% with automated workflows.

Workflows for Tax Pros empowers you to streamline your tax prep process so you can focus more on delivering exceptional service that keeps your happy clients coming back.

Unlock a new way of working with…

Instant access to done-for-you templates uploaded straight to your TaxDome

Access to our signature 12-month program that teaches you everything you need to know to automate and improve your practice operations with TaxDome.

Step-by-step guidance on how to set up your practice for optimum efficiency.

Ongoing trainings and live office hours to make sure you’re always ready to tackle new features with confidence.

Real-time bug fixes and pipeline workarounds for TaxDome glitches published to our Facebook community

Unlimited OnDemand Pipeline Reviews give you access to our experts to help optimize and improve your pipelines for greater efficiency.

Proven Best Practice SOPs allow you to navigate any client scenario that may present easily.

Check out these  incredible results.

Expand each to read more.

Edwin Casanova, CPA Increased His Profit by 30%

“I can’t stress enough how Workflows for Tax Pros has transformed our practice. As a husband and wife team handling over 800 clients, we struggled to find the perfect work/life balance.

But then came TaxDome and Workflows for Tax Pros. By streamlining our processes with TaxDome, we are able to work smarter and not harder. Thanks to our automated pipeline, we’re able to process client returns at record speed. Our clients are happy and in the loop at all times.

Workflows for Tax Pros helped us unlock the true potential of TaxDome. Our profit has increased by 30% and we couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Alison Green Made $58,000 MORE with Automation

“Before Workflows for Tax Pros, I was drowning in repetitive administrative tasks. The never-ending cycle left me overwhelmed and exhausted.

But with their step-by-step TaxDome guidance, I set up efficient and effective pipelines. My clients love the secure portal and I can take on more work than ever before. In fact, I’m now able to turn clients away by choice, not capacity!

Workflows for Tax Pros is a game-changer that leaves you relaxed and in control during tax season. Instead of piles of files, I have an organized pipeline to manage everything. My advice to you? Join Workflows for Tax Pros!”

Bridget C. Made Consistent Profit While Working Less

“I can’t emphasize enough the impact that W4TP has had on my practice. Before it, I was drowning in clients, working 24/7, and losing track of my workload. I knew it was time for a change.

Workflows for Tax Pros gave me the organization I needed. With just a single click in TaxDome, I now have total clarity and control. Instead of working myself to the bone, I now have a life outside of my business! With my streamlined and efficient processes, I can take on more clients without a lot of extra effort and time.

This program will give you a professional edge that wows your clients!”

Kim S. Saw a 60% Increase in Profit in Her First Year

“As a one-woman business, it was difficult to keep up with the administrative tasks in my practice. I tried using TaxDome on my own before finding Jamie and Jessica, but it was not efficient.

With Workflows for Tax Pros, I was able to understand TaxDome and create my own custom workflows. Thanks to my optimized operations, my profit skyrocketed by over 60% in the very first year.

Now I can focus on the actual work and accept new clients without anyone falling through the cracks!”

Bette Wagner Kept The Same Profits While Serving Fewer Clients

“The chaos of my paper practice was overwhelming. My office was a MESS, and I was sick of relying on Post-it notes and searching for files to get things done.

But thanks to TaxDome and Workflows for Tax Pros, my entire practice changed. Now I can log in and see exactly where my clients are in the tax prep process. The reusable emails and streamlined communications save me countless hours every single week.

Having less paper means I can finally relax at the end of the day, stress-free, about forgotten tasks. I’m even maintaining the same profit while serving 25 fewer clients!”

Katie Conley Helped Her Company Earn $100,000+ in Revenue with Automation

“Before finding TaxDome and W4TP, our company was a little chaotic, to say the least. With our current software duplicating our work, it was difficult to know which end was up. We knew we needed more efficiency and organization to better serve our clients.

Workflows for Tax Pros helped us automate our workflows and reduce costly mistakes. That alone has allowed us to increase our client capacity and charge the prices we deserve.

Not only have we been able to grow our team and expand our service offerings, but we’ve also increased our gross revenue by $100,000!

This life-changing program is totally worth it! It will make your life easier AND help you grow your business!”

Workflows for Tax Pros  is more than just a course.

It’s a whole new way of running your practice.

Think of it as your new operating system.

Just like AI, automation is changing the tax and accounting industry in MASSIVE ways.

Here’s the truth:


Manual practices are shrinking and DYING…


Automated practices are thriving and GROWING.

Which will YOUR practice be?

Run your practice more efficiently and enjoy the freedom and profit that you deserve.

So what specific improvements will help you achieve HIGHER profits?

Increased client capacity due to efficient, standardized workflows.

More referrals and less marketing effort, thanks to happy clients.

Reduced need to hire to scale; let automation be your next best hire.

Lower payroll due to a dramatic reduction in administrative tasks by team members.

Confidence to raise your prices as you learn to better serve your clients. Provide an excellent high touch, low lift experience.

Workflows For Tax Pros Is Your 100% Expert Guided, All-In-One TaxDome Resource.

Our community of like-minded Tax Pros are all on the same mission: To increase profit and time freedom with automation and TaxDome!

Stop wasting time on manual workflows that leave you feeling burned out and frustrated.

With our guidance, you’ll discover how to build an automated Tax Practice that can *almost* run itself.

We’ve helped HUNDREDS of tax professionals transform their practices from high-work, mediocre pay to low-touch and highly profitable, and we can help you too!

If you’re ready to save time, impress your clients, and increase your profits for YEARS to come…

Then, it’s time to join Workflows for Tax Pros!

Streamline Your Success and Unleash the  power of TaxDome With Workflows for Tax Pros

Is this you?

You Want Your Time (And Life) Back

Stop wasting time on complicated and manual workflows and start growing your bottom line. We’ll help you streamline your entire practice so you can create more profit and time freedom.

You Want An Amazing Client Experience

Your clients deserve and demand a better experience. They want it fast…they want it easy. Now you can “Wow!” your clients with timely and accurate updates that don’t require a lot of your valuable time and effort.

You Want Easy Client Tracking

It’s time to ditch the clunky spreadsheet and embrace a powerful, all-in-one tool. Ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and pick up where you left off…No more messy email chains or endless back-and-forth with clients and team members.

You Want More Organization

Centralized client documents, real-time status updates, easy note tracking…with TaxDome anything is possible. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar or a remote team, you’ll be able to access your client details anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

You Want Streamlined Communications

There’s a better way to spend your time than by manually answering the same question over and over again. Let your powerful automations do the heavy lifting for you so that you can help your clients and grow your practice.

Here’s What You Can expect When You Join The
Workflows for Tax Pros 12-Month Program:

Fast Track To Automation

We remove all confusion about where to start when setting up your TaxDome pipelines. Follow our unique “S.T.A.T. Framework” and set your system up right the first time. Our step-by-step guidance through Settings, Templates, Automation, and Testing (S.T.A.T.) will allow for long-term efficiency.

The Ultimate Tax Prep Workflow

Combine your business and individual clients into one convenient pipeline with our Ultimate Tax Prep Workflow. Learn how to set up, maintain, and modify your workflows to meet the needs of your practice. Keep calm, cool, and collected even during the peak of the busy seasons.

Get Paid Before Filing Returns

Improve your cash flow THIS tax season with our TaxDome best practices. Gather deposits at the start of the season and lock your documents with an invoice so you get paid in full BEFORE filing your client’s return. Learn how to improve the efficiency and financial health of your practice.

Increase Re-Signs And Referrals

Give your clients a white-glove experience while completing returns in record time. Our automated and personalized pipelines make your clients think you’re at the top of your game 24/7 (because you are!)

A Quieter Inbox

Proactively answer your client’s questions and need for updates as we breadcrumb your clients to success no matter your process. By giving them the details they need to succeed, you will be answering fewer questions this year.

Master Your Business Systems

We will help you master your business systems in TaxDome. Understand how to set up and manage clients and workflows and create the profitable practice of your dreams.

This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg…

Workflows For Tax Pros will have a positive impact on your practice for years to come.

Save Time  and Money With Workflows For Tax Pros:

87% of members saw a reduction of at least 5-10 hours of admin work per team member per week.

Profit Focused Templates

Get our full suite of templates that you can build out with our instruction.

Want to increase your profit by 5% – 200% in year one? Our tested TaxDome pipelines can help you reach your financial goals faster. Plus, you can leverage TaxDome to save hundreds of hours of frustrating admin work.

Create an efficient and profitable practice with our powerful workflows, including:

New Lead Onboarding, Tax Prep, Bookkeeping, Tax Representation Analysis, and over 20 more!

These include our digital templates available in the TaxDome Marketplace. 


Structured Client Transition Plan

Let your clients know exactly what to expect with our Client Communication Plan. Guide them to success with timely and accurate messages that fill in the gaps as you transition to your new TaxDome system.


Expert Business Tips And Tricks

Learn the ins and outs of TaxDome. Speed up your learning curve with tips and tricks to save time and increase your profits.


Private Online Community

Got TaxDome or business questions? Our thriving W4TP community has the answers! Hang out with our experts and like-minded tax pros who have already done what you are doing. Get quick support from our Certified TaxDome Experts when you need it.


Live Open Office Hours

Join our live weekly support sessions every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern. Get support on how to best use TaxDome to create more profit in your practice. Stay up to date on the latest TaxDome features.


Access To All Past Recordings

Gain instant access to our vast library of past live support sessions. We upload new videos every week and time-stamp them for your convenience.


New Feature Support

TaxDome loves to provide new functionality and features, and as a BONUS Workflows for Tax Pros gets exclusive access to what’s coming before it’s even released!

When large features are released, we give you all the details on how to leverage them. We’ll also share operational changes or considerations you need to make informed decisions.


On Demand Pipeline Reviews

Get expert eyes on your workflows with on-demand pipeline reviews. These sessions will give you the confidence you need to keep moving forward. Enjoy access to the recording(s) for as long as you’re a Workflows for Tax Pros member.


Quarterly Masterclasses

Quarterly we will bring you inspiring masterclasses that will help you level up your practice with automated operations you didn’t even know you needed.

Our Perfect Combination of Mindset And Systems Will Help You Create A Profitable Practice…

…And You’ll Learn powerful Strategies to Maintain Your Business Without Experiencing Task Creep.

Bonus #1: Next Level Practice Module

New feature!

Complete your first automated pipeline and unlock our exclusive “Next Level Practice” module. This module includes advanced training, profit-generating pipeline templates, and next-level support.

Bonus #2: More Profit-Boosting Templates

In addition to our New Lead Management, Tax Prep, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Representation Analysis workflows you will gain access to dozens of tried and true profit-boosting templates, including:

  • Tax Notice Management
  • Tax Monitoring
  • Mid-Year and Year-End Reviews
  • and MORE

Bonus #3: Client-Friendly Canva Templates

Get access to beautiful and easy-to-support documents, including:

  • Brandable Proposals
  • 1099 Assistance Manual
  • Online Tax Payment Guide
  • Social Media Posts

Take fast action in preparation for Tax Season with plenty of resources and support. Master TaxDome and embrace your new way of working. Enjoy the convenience of having a TaxDome expert in your back pocket.

You will have 12 months of access to all templates, live support, and coursework.

Our Gurantee

Your success matters to us! That’s why Workflows for Tax Pros is committed to helping you create an automated and profitable practice. Here’s how we will support you:

Support Until You Win!

If you do all the work, attend the live support sessions, ask questions and your pipelines STILL don’t work… we will support you with access to our course and weekly calls for one year.

Personalized Help

If you submit your question through the weekly support questions portal, we GUARANTEE that you will receive a personalized response; we will either address the question live on the weekly call or we’ll send you an email with all of the information.

Pipeline Review

Have any of your pipelines reviewed by our expert team! We’ll give you custom recommendations for automation in a way that best supports you and your practice.

We’re always here for you!

The Investment

Get instant access to the program and community when you sign up.

5 Monthly Payments


Discounted Pay In Full


Who the heck are Jamie & Jessica and how did they become TaxDome experts?

It’s a cool story actually…

Workflows for Tax Pros was founded in 2021 by Tax-pert Jessica Smith and Systems Implementation Specialist Jamie Gruol.

As an Enrolled Agent struggling to manage a growing list of clients…

Jessica turned to TaxDome to automate her client management processes.

After designing POWERFUL workflows that gave her the time, freedom, and flexibility to create her dream life…

Jessica reached a six-figure income working just 30 hours a week…

During tax season! 🤩

About that same time, Jessica responded to a friendly market research post from Jamie in a Facebook group of 35k entrepreneurs.

After a conversation about babies, business, and dreams…

The two parted as fast friends.

Jessica was intrigued by Jamie’s expertise in workflow and systems set up and threw out a CRAZY idea…

What if Jamie learned about TaxDome and helped others set up their own automated workflows alongside her?

The Workflows For Tax Pros brand was born and since that fateful moment…

We’ve been positively impacting hundreds of Tax Professionals all across the USA and Canada.

Jamie Gruol, MBA

Workflow Expert

Jamie brings over a decade of experience as a Software Implementation Project Manager and has her undergrad degree in accounting with an MBA.

With her mechanical mind, she shows you EXACTLY how to transform your current processes into efficient, fully-automated systems.

And by using the unique project management systems that she’s developed over the years…

Jamie helps you break everything down into bite-sized chunks that make setting up your TaxDome tool easy peasy!

Jamie is a mama of two and lives in Vermont with her husband.

Jessica Smith

Enrolled Agent

Also known as America’s TaxDome Sweetheart…

Jessica has been using TaxDome in her practice for over three years and is the genius behind many of the processes and templates that are included in the Workflows For Tax Pros program.

Thanks to her automated practice, Jessica just had her most profitable year yet and was able to EASILY process over 300 returns working only 30 hours per week (even during busy season!)

She reached her goal to make six figures with just one part-time assistant and is doing EXACTLY what YOU want to be doing…

Working less and making more! 🙌

Jessica lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and is a mama to 3 children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to owning a tax practice?

Congratulations on starting your own business! 🥳️

Starting on the right foot with automation is a brilliant way to begin your entrepreneurial journey. We have seen that it is about 30 – 50 clients where solo practitioners start feeling stressed about tracking and managing all their clients and that is where a practice owner should begin implementing more robust systems.

Learning operations is not something that many of the amazing education programs out there focus on. Consider this investment into your practice one that will help you scale peacefully. When you join we will provide our proven template pipelines for TaxDome with all the fixins – email, messages, organizers, tasks, and ideas for efficient workflows.

These templates are based on our work with over 700 practices, we found the common patterns and added our proprietary system of Automation and Client Experience and allowing you to get started right from the beginning.

And I will say we have had a good number of new practitioners that came from or still work at larger firms that value getting started with the right systems and have found our program to be very helpful in setting up their TaxDome system to make that side hustle grow into a full time gig. 🤩

How long will it really take me to automate my practice?

Of course this will depend on your current situation and comfortability with software, but on average, our clients say it takes about 20 hours to follow our course and complete the setup of TaxDome and their first automated workflow.

But remember that this is roughly a fifth of the 100+ hours it took our co-founder Jessica Smith, EA, to fully automate her first Tax Prep pipeline back in 2020. We have slashed the hours for you because you don’t have to figure it all out; our proven system allows you to shift to automated operations quickly.

More specifically, for the highly motivated individuals currently using TaxDome, our course should have you completing your first prioritized pipeline set up within 5-6 hours.

If you are brand new to TaxDome, you will need to set up the system, migrate clients, etc., but we will guide you through all these steps. We recognize that you are busy, and a reasonable expectation is that it will take about four weeks at 5 to 6 hours a week to complete the setup, complete the course modules, and build out your first prioritized Pipeline.

The automation process will go much faster after that, as you will gain the skills to be a confident user of the TaxDome system and the process of creating automated workflows. You will then begin our pipeline stacking process and automate more workflows, gaining more profit and time freedom in your practice.

I have a practice of 7 or more people. Is this for me?

We have had practices of all sizes join our program and find massive value.

The Workflows for Tax Pros program and our support allow your TaxDome Super User (our term for your TaxDome administrator) to have the support they need to set up systems that will work best for your practice. Your TaxDome administrator could be an admin, staff member, owner, or partner, but this person should be comfortable with technology and interested in managing your TaxDome systems, supporting your team, and staying on top of your organization’s needs and how TaxDome can be leveraged for ultimate efficiency.

This is where our Workflows for Tax Pros program comes in. Consistent expert support is invaluable to your TaxDome Super User when the inevitable questions pop up. We can help them leverage the TaxDome features to create automated workflows that serve your practice long-term.

Is the course self-paced?

Yes, the course is self-paced. However, our program team will be there to support you when needed. We help provide accountability by checking in with you regularly and ensuring you are hitting your goals. We offer support through our weekly live group office hours, where you can come and ask your questions, or you can get direct support through our On-Demand Pipeline reviews. All of these resources will keep you moving forward toward your automation goals with ease through this group program.

You will have access to the course and community for 12 months, and we will give you the opportunity to continue with us when that time ends. Our expert support is invaluable as you navigate any new features that TaxDome releases and our support as you continue to optimize your TaxDome workflows year after year.

Do you offer refunds?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also know that your success will hinge on whether you do the necessary work to get the automated practice of your dreams. We have poured our hearts into this program and have hundreds of testimonials from happy clients, so we know it works if you do the work.

Love it or leave it. Your satisfaction with the Program is important to us. If you don’t see the massive value of our program immediately, we will gladly refund your Program fee when you notify us within the first three days of signing up. After that window there are no refunds for any reason.

You can learn all the details in our Terms and Conditions here.

Will the course be updated as changes are made to TaxDome?

Yes! We closely monitor the changes that TaxDome rolls out and in addition to telling you how to start using them in your practice, we will be updating our course materials as needed.

Our current member’s favorite feature, though, is that as new enhancements come out from TaxDome (which they do often), we evaluate these changes and provide expert guidance on if or when they should consider implementing them into their TaxDome system and when they do we give step-by-step on how to implement into their current systems without the headache of trial and error. There is no other TaxDome support out there offering this powerful service.

If you ever find changes in the tool, we invite you to share with us by email at hello@workflowsfortaxpros.com, and we will update the materials.

If I have questions about TaxDome do I come to you or to the customer support at TaxDome?

Have a bug or an issue with a feature or tool in TaxDome – go to them.

TaxDome support is AMAZING, and they can help you use the tool, though they are not often familiar with how Tax Practice operations work.

If your questions are operations-based or leveraging the tool to meet a specific need, bring it to Workflows for Tax Pros, as we excel in supporting these and can give you creative and efficient ways to use the TaxDome system.

We offer loads of support, including our weekly Open Office Hours sessions and our private Facebook Community. There, you can post a question, and not only will our team of experts respond, but you will likely get insight from our other members who are a few steps ahead of you about what worked for them in their practice.

Plus, we offer Unlimited On-demand Pipeline reviews, during which our team will evaluate and provide feedback and optimization opportunities on your TaxDome pipelines. This allows you to ensure the tool will work as you expect.

Our goal with W4TP is to provide you with consistent, expert support in using TaxDome in your small practice operations, helping you progress forward towards more profit and time freedom with automation.

What if I want you to do the automating and setup for me?

We have found through our past clients, and even for ourselves, that a done-for-you service does not help avoid the learning curve of your practice management tool and will result in subpar results for your practice.

Given this, we no longer offer complete, done-for-you services. We know that embracing an understanding of how TaxDome works will ensure that your practice uses the tool successfully for the long term. We found that people who do done-for-you tend not to make the time to have a key team member (we call them your TaxDome Super User) become a confident and knowledgeable user of the tool.

This is frustrating for them and all team members as you transition to this new tool and delays your practice efficiency gains.

Our W4TP program will quickly allow your TaxDome Super User team member to set up your TaxDome with our support, including our proven templates, education on how to customize it to meet your specific needs, and group support to ensure they are mastering the tool along the way so that you can step into your automation era with many years of compounding success.

In the W4TP Program, we do have consultation hours that can be purchased to get our team’s expert input on strategy for customizing and leveraging the tool to meet your unique needs.

Does the W4TP Program include 1:1 support?

Workflows for Tax Pros is a group program with expert group-based support. We do this because there is so much to be learned by hearing other members’ questions.

Support included with your program purchase:

  • Weekly Open Office Hours Sessions – Thursdays at 12:00 Eastern
  • Monthly Advanced Office Hours – Second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm Eastern
  • Monthly Operations Hours with Jessica Smith – Second Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm Eastern
  • Unlimited On-Demand Pipeline Reviews
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Automated Operations Course and Templates

There is no 1:1 direct support in W4TP, with the exception of our unlimited On Demand Pipeline Reviews. These allow our members to submit their pipeline setups via online submission for our expert team to review. We will provide you with strategy, optimization, and efficiency opportunities that will help you achieve more profit and time freedom faster.

Workflows for Tax Pros offers some additional 1:1 support offerings that are limited to availability and for members only.

Workflows for Tax Pros is designed to be a life-changing experience.

One that empowers you to automate and streamline your entire practice with TaxDome.

By expanding your automation skills and knowledge, you can finally start enjoying the profit and time freedom that you deserve.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a tech wiz to reap the benefits…

W4TP is perfect for automation newbies and current TaxDome users.