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Stop just surviving nonstop busyness and reclaim your happiness and peace of mind.

Build a tax practice with systems

That actually make your job easier.

Feeling overwhelmed and unable to meet your clients’ expectations?

As businesses expand, many owners overlook a crucial detail: to sustain growth and increase profits without sacrificing quality, implementing streamlined, repeatable systems and strategies is essential. These systems not only boost efficiency but also drive profitability, ensuring your business thrives in the long run.

Running a successful tax practice doesn’t have to be the time-consuming, mentally exhausting, and chaotic endeavor that so many practitioners find themselves dealing with season after season.

Imagine a practice built around making your life easier, instead of working around a practice that controls you 24/7.

With the right systems and support in place, you can reclaim your time and enjoy the success, profits, growth, and happy life you’ve always wanted.

Make Your Business Work for You

Instead of you working for your business.

We make transitioning from clunky manual operations to streamlined automations simple with our 3-step process ensuring you, your team, and your clients make the move to TaxDome with ease.

Why Work With Us?

For three years, we’ve spearheaded an automation revolution in small tax and accounting practices.

We’re not only passionate about helping tax firms thrive with greater efficiency through automated workflows, but also about helping our clients grow their businesses with grace.

With a track record of empowering over 700 practices to achieve remarkable results, (like a 30% surge in profits and an average reclaiming of 15-20 hours per week), we stand as the foremost TaxDome and automation experts trusted by tax businesses seeking a new (and better) way.

Strategic Business Growth With a Proven Method for Success

“I wanted to better serve my clients and give myself the tools to stay organized and know what was happening with each client. I started learning TaxDome on my own and got the foundations down without too much struggle. But when I began to see the automation potential that it offered, I knew my practice could be so much better. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to learn the complexities of the system. That’s where Jamie and Jessica came in. They took my TaxDome use to the next level!”

– George Wisniewski Jr.

How To Work With Us

Get Our Proven TaxDome Template

Skip the headache of trying to DIY your own automations. Get instant access to our ready-made signature templates so you can start working smarter today.

Join The W4TP Membership Group

A private membership group where the tax world’s leading experts in strategically leveraging TaxDome share tips, insights, tutorials, and resources to support your business growth.

Invest In Our “Done For You” Service

TaxDome customization designed for your firm’s unique needs ensures tailored solutions that optimize workflows, client interactions, and overall performance.

Take your firm from clunky and inefficient to a well-oiled machine.

“Before W4TP, I was floundering in client communications.I just didn’t have time to manually respond to every call, text, or email. I wasn’t consistent and clients definitely noticed. I bought TaxDome hoping it would help streamline communication, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to use it beyond basic functionalities.

What I appreciate most is that W4TP gave me a game plan for building a practice that doesn’t make me feel as if I’m constantly scrambling to catch up. I feel like I can breathe again. And my business is still growing.”

Imagine a life outside of taxes during tax season.

Get Our Free Mini-Webinar

Join our exclusive mini webinar to explore how automation can revolutionize your tax practice. Learn time-saving strategies, streamline workflows, and boost profitability effortlessly. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your business and your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t TaxDome support help me automate my business?

TaxDome is excellent at telling you how to use the tool itself. But using the tool is not enough. If it were, you wouldn’t be searching for ways to better run your business! What you really need is a strategy to help you get from where you are today…to where you want to be one year from now. Our expertise lies in helping you clarify what it is you want, then showing you how to leverage TaxDome’s features to achieve your goal.

I don’t understand the difference between the Templates and the Membership. Can you explain?

Gladly! The templates provide a ready-made TaxDome pipeline that allows you to start optimizing TaxDome from day one. By purchasing our signature templates, you get to skip the stress of trying to figure out workflows on your own and can dive right into growing a more profitable business without adding more busywork to your plate.

The W4TP Membership is like a coaching group for TaxDome users. When TaxDome launches a new tool or feature, we do the work of learning how to use the tool and how to incorporate it into a strategy. All YOU have to do is drop into our membership group to learn the ins and outs of the newest features. We also work constantly to find fixes and workarounds for bugs and other functionality issues that can sometimes happen while software is being developed in real time.

It costs too much. Isn’t there a cheaper way of doing this?

Sure. You could certainly design and build your own pipeline, but ask yourself, “Is the time and money I would be sacrificing to DIY it worth it?”

My clients don’t like change. What if they don’t like using TaxDome?

We’ve noticed that it isn’t usually so much that clients don’t like change as it’s a lack of guidance on how to transition to a new system. In our experience, most clients thoroughly enjoy using the TaxDome client portal once they’ve learned how to use it.

My partner isn’t interested in automating. What should I do?

Here’s the thing about the tax world today: the modern firm is no longer your dad or your grandpa’s practice. If you’re still doing things the “old school” way, chances are your team is exhausted and resentful, your business growth has plateaued, and your confidence in your business is fragile since there’s no standardized method or process for reliable work. What’s more, not automating your business isn’t just a missed opportunity– it’s a roadblock to efficiency, growth, and sustainability in the competitive landscape of today’s changing tax industry.

Have more time to do the work

That matters most

Your time shouldn’t be wasted tracking down documents or struggling to keep everything organized.

You should be focusing on what you do best: designing tax-saving strategies, helping your clients save money, and building genuine 1:1 relationships with them.