Save Time and Reduce Stress With The Status Update Email

Nov 30, 2022 | Business Tips

There are few things worse than having a tax practice that is all over the place. Clunky and inefficient systems are the bane of most Tax Pros, but that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for less. It can be as simple as using automated status update emails to start making your practice run like a well-oiled machine.

So what exactly is an automated status update email? It’s any email that’s intended to provide your client with an automatic update of where they’re at in your process. This small-but-mighty email will not only make this upcoming tax season easier for you, but your team and clients will appreciate it too!

One of the best features of the status update email is that you can use them for any type of service that you provide, such as:

  • Nurturing new leads through your sales process
  • Tax prep for clients
  • Bookkeeping tasks, and even
  • Representation or tax planning work

Think of it this way: Status update emails are meant to close the loop that you initially open with your client. For example, when it comes to tax prep, you can send status update emails after your client returns their completed organizer to you. Here’s an idea of what to say in this type of email:

Hey [Client Name]! 

Thank you for returning your documents to us!

Our team is working hard to review everything that you’ve sent in. 

If we have any questions or need anything further from you, we’ll reach out to you! 

The beauty of phrasing your status update email like this one is that it closes the loop and basically tells your client, “Hey, don’t call us…we’ll call you!” It also gives your client confirmation that once they hit submit, they have completed their step of the process. Remember, it’s all about breadcrumbing your clients to success!

By automating your status update emails in TaxDome or another tool, you can stop worrying about the mountain of emails that you’ll have to respond to this upcoming tax season. You can literally save yourself hours and hours of time PLUS loads of unnecessary stress. Let automation do ALL of the hard work for you!

(If you’re wondering exactly what this looks like within TaxDome…Be sure to watch the live training I did in the our FREE Facebook group where I break it down step-by-itty-bitty-step!)

The status update email allows you to effortlessly get important information to your clients. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everyone is being taken care of and nobody is slipping through the cracks. Talk about a GREAT client experience!

Now get out there and start setting up your status update emails BEFORE tax season starts!

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